Sterling started underwriting aviation risks in March 2015 and in 2021 we finally reviewed our RPA (a.k.a. UAVs or drones) offering.

Our target accounts are a fleet of RPAs (3 or more) but we can consider an RPA used for most applications subject to:

  • Commercial use only
  • RPA must not be home built or built by the Insured
  • RPA operators must be suitably qualified to meet all legal compliance
  • Maximum annual use of any RPA is 500 hours
  • Preference Maximum take-off weight for any RPA is 30kgs (heavier will be considered but need to be referred)
  • Can consider cover for:
    • Hull (RPA, Payload, Spares & Ground Equipment) and Third Party Legal Liability, or
    • Third Party Legal Liability only
  • Extensions (subject to applicable policy wording):
    • Invasion of Privacy $5,000 in the aggregate
    • Noise Liability $5,000 in the aggregate
    • Cyber – Loss of Digital Assets (optional for an additional premium)
    • Chemical Legal Liability – Sublimit $25,000 or $50,000 in the aggregate (optional for an additional premium)
  • Minimum Premium $2,500 + charges + Sterling Fee

Our proposal form can be downloaded HERE

Please forward all RPA quotes to:

Today, Sterling has a well respected and experienced aviation underwriting team which includes Sharyn Gough, Karen Neate and Greg Leeman who can assist you with any other aviation products.