Sterling reviews RPA offering to brokers

Sterling has been underwriting aviation risks since March 2015 and in 2021 we reviewed our RPA (a.k.a. UAV or drone) offering.

Our target accounts are RPA used for most applications subject to:

  • Commercial use only
  • RPA must not be home built or built by the Insured
  • RPA operators must be suitably qualified to meet all legal compliance
  • Maximum annual use of any RPA is 1,000 hours
  • Maximum take-off weight for any RPA is 79.9kgs
  • Can consider cover for:
    • Hull (RPA, Payload, Spares & Ground Equipment) and Third Party Legal Liability, or
    • Third Party Legal Liability only
  • Extensions (subject to an additional premium):
    • Malicious Acts, Hi-jacks and Strikes – for physical loss of or damage to your drone and equipment
    • Alternative Hire costs – an alternative drone if your drone is damaged
    • Liability to Drone Pilots
    • Chemical Legal Liability – arising from the application of chemicals from your drone
    • Cargo Legal Liability – arising from the carriage of cargo in your drone
    • Cyber Legal Liability – reconstitution costs for digital assets

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