Aviation Insurance, Airport Liability

Some of the occupations we will consider are:

Airport/Contractors Liability

  • Aerodrome Operators/landlords
  • Airport Safety Inspectors/auditors
  • Airport Construction/Aviation infrastructure
  • Passenger handling
  • Landside/Terminal/Airside contractors
  • Aviation Transport Protection/Security
  • Management and Supervision / Project managers
  • Refuellers
  • Catering
  • Aircraft Hangarage
  • Fixed based operators
  • Cleaners (terminal and aircraft)
  • Aircraft repair and maintenance organisations (selective)
  • General maintenance contractors

Aviation Product Liability

  • Aviation product liability for parts used in connection with aircraft
  • Refuelling liability
  • Aircraft manufacturers liability
  • Services / security liability
  • UAV manufacturers product liability

General Aviation

  • Charter operators (RPT)
  • Industrial Aid operators
  • Aeromedical aviation businesses
  • Agricultural aviation businesses (selective / fleets)
  • Aviation-based firefighting services (selective / fleets)
  • Training and aerial work (aerial photography and surveying)
  • Private, pleasure and business
  • Corporate jets
  • Single engine / Multi-engine turbo-props
  • Single engine / Multi-engine piston
  • Turbine Rotorwing
  • Non-ownership liability

Selective on

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/Drones) – Commercial use only
  • Professional Indemnity for Aviation Industry Professionals


***We can consider Aerospace Liability with no exclusion for US jurisdiction***

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