General Liability

With a very broad appetite on activities/industry, under a single General Public and Products liability policy we are able to offer a very broad cover that includes:

  • An Errors & Omissions extension
  • A Professional Indemnity extension
  • A Statutory Liability extension
  • An Asbestos Liability extension
  • A Contractors Environmental Liability extension
  • A Contractual Liability extension

List by activity/sector

Extension* available to our Liability offering:

  • Asbestos Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Statutory Liability
  • Queensland Electricians Liability
  • Victorian Plumbers Liability (excluding commercial plumbing)
  • Contractors Environmental Liability

*Conditions apply: Some extensions are not available to a risk or sector/industry.

What we cover?

  • Public & Products liability – up to $100m
  • Asbestos liability with either a claims-made or occurrence trigger – up to $30m
  • Errors and Omissions extension – up to $5m
  • Statutory Liability extension – up to $2m
  • Professional Indemnity extension – up to $10m
  • Contractors Environmental Liability extension – up to $5m
  • Victorian Plumbers extension (applicable to appropriately licensed Victorian plumbers only)
  • Queensland Electrical extension (applicable to appropriately licensed
    Queensland electricians only)

All the above covers can be offered under a single policy, affording very broad
cover under a single policy.

Note, some limits will comprise of both primary and excess layers.

Why us?

  • 100% underwritten by APRA-approved security
  • Claims are managed in Australia
  • Policy is subject to Australia’s General Insurance Code of Practice
  • Broadest and most flexible cover available in the Australian market
  • Specialists in our chosen fields with a consistently stable risk appetite

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