Steps you should take immediately after an loss, circumstance, injury, and/or damage:

  • Neutralize the cause or the threat of any further injury, damage and/or loss.
  • Ensure that the safety of all persons including third parties and your workers.
  • You must take reasonable precautions to prevent any further damage to third party property, and/or the manufacture and/or sale and/or supply of defective products.
  • Comply with all statutory obligations including any public authority for the safety of persons and/or property.
  • If you have received any written communication from a third party, please do not reply. Please attach copies of such communications to this claim form.
  • Do NOT:
    • admit liability – you may not be liable for the loss.
    • enter into negotiations with a third party – this may suggest that you are liable when you’re not.
    • give up your right to seek recovery from another party for a loss. Standard policies contain a provision which states that if you do, we have the right to reject any claim from you in relation to that loss.

After you have taken the immediate steps, download and complete the relevant claim form, attach all the relevant correspondence, and send it to your appointed broker. Your appointed broker can then provide all the correspondence to any one of our underwriters.

The sooner we are advised of a loss, circumstance, injury, and/or damage, the sooner we can conduct the necessary enquiries in order to protect your interests.

For new notifications, please email the completed claim form and any other relevant documentation to:

RPA Claim Form

Aircraft Notification of Incident form

Public & Products Liability Claim Form

Professional Indemnity – Claim or Notification of Circumstances Form